Be like me

By Sonali Patil
Mar 02 2019 1 min read

BE LIKE METwo brothers arrogance and confidence came on to fight for who is greatest among them.Arrogance:  "Hey you! Are you foolish? Be like me. Everyone else in the world is foolish as you and I am the only greatest."Confidence: (Smiled) "Sorry bro! I don't like to be like anyone. I am too busy loving myself."Arrogance: “Such a mistaken person you are! Be like me. I am the greatest person in the world.I am the best person in the world.” (He smirked.)Confidence: “I don’t know about others but I know I am the best version of myself.”Arrogance: “Fuck off! I know I am above everyone that is why I am telling you to be like me.”Confidence: “I believe that no one is above me.”Arrogance: “You should learn something from me. See how I ignore and disrespect the people around me to spread my awe and earn attention. You looser!”Confidence: “Enough is enough! First thing, It is not important how people ignore you or how you ignore people what important is how you cognize yourself. I don’t know what I have lost but I have earned the respect of pe

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