Be busy!

By Bharti Arora
Jul 07 2019 1 min read

Be busy! You all must have heard or made to hear the popular Hindi saying 'Khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar Hota hai' and I must say it's true! Some of you take it in a wrong way and think that enjoying and not doing stuff like studying and job's work is what makes our brain empty but wait just stop taking it in this manner! Enjoyment is not at all equals to staying idle contrarily it's equal to staying busy at the optimum level. What? Mad or somewhat? No guys no! Enjoyment is equally important to doing your work and when it's ignored to a great extent it becomes a necessity. Enjoyment is just like the oil or greese that's applied to the running parts of a vehicle. If it's not applied on a regular basis, the efficiency of the engine reduces gradually. Such is the case with we humans too we need enjoyment for the smooth functioning of our engine i.e. our brain. Life is nothing but a deal between you and your body, the body wants you to do all the stuff that makes the soul happy and in return it makes the brain to help you out in difficult situati

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Well I am doing the same thing nowadays... Nice one BTW
Such a positive and motivating story! Kudos