Be alert

By Siddartha T
Sep 10 2019 1 min read

Hi all. The world is becoming shorter or rather smarter i say. One must agree to what is happening, and accept the things in a positive way. One may become a positive person or a person with negativity. Why should we need to change from that "Person with Negative Attitude" to a simple, happy, positive man.? Why.? And the answer is simple, It's always easy to be that "simple, happy & positive man/woman" than carrying the weight of negative thoughts in our minds.  Here, I am going to tell you one of the traits that helps us to maintain tranquility & happiness. ALERTNESS - Yes this is the button which turns on your quality of being a happy person. As the greatest Indian men say " the quality of one's life is proportional to his quality of attention".  Yes, your attention always pays back. One must try and attain the quality of "being attentive".  You chat with your phone while you eat, you think about something while cooking, you'll talk on a mobile while walking on the road, you're dreaming something

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