Battle of Thirst

By Ritvik Tomar
Mar 31 2019 5 min read

                        “Kill them, Kill them all”, voice echoed on battlefield. Blood covers the land and loud cries surround the atmosphere of battlefield. Sky turns into red as battle became more brutal, blood is spilled from both the sides. Thousands of bodies are lying on the ground, dead and more and more fall every second. This is the battle between Demons and Angels. Demons decide to attack on angels after long wait for their revenge for past defeats. Angels always push them back in battles, force them to retreat but this time it is different. This time Demons came with army stronger than ever led by the demonic Duke of Hell. The newest prince of demon world is destined to conquer what his predecessors have failed, the angel world. With over 12 feet tall and with bestial head and grey-golden scaly skin, he is dominating the battlefield, tearing every opponent he faced. From his back, huge dragon like wings, his thick lizard like tail is enough to sweep t

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Good start with demons and Angels, would like to read what happened next.
Bad one
Great story and finger crossed