Auto-correct :- The need

By Samriddhy Jindal
Apr 04 2019 1 min read

" Please don't do that. "" Hey! Correct yourself ."" See to yourself first! "" You are not doing it appropriately. "One of the best features that we smartphone users have is the feature of "auto-correct " other being "prediction ". It enables us to correct the wrong or what the software things is right, is done. Is this with ourselves too? By the virtue of being human, our brain does not only think of the body of self but also of others. We are constantly discussing what the others are doing and try to correct them. We start with attire, go to looks and jump to the person's character. Often I wonder if this is what we need. Since childhood, we are taught what is right or what ought to be correct. The child understands only a part of it-to be a judge. We evaluate others, discuss them, advise them or criticize them but how often do we do so to ourselves? Why should our world revolve around others? Whenever I meet elders, speak to them, I find them speaking less. There is a calmness. All that they say is interrupted by intervals of silence. May be they have learnt over th

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