Astrologer part-2

By Nishi P
Jan 12 2020 2 min read

"what is destiny" sadhu asked   " What ever a person managed to attain or lose in his life is his destiny" boy replied   " Ok but what after that gain or loss, does life gets over and if not how it become destiny"   Boy looked puzzled   sadhu laughed lightly. " What if I say destiny starts with birth and ends with death in between is the path which leads us to ultimate destiny" Boy looked more puzzled. boy instantly asked " why then you make people's kundali"  Sadhu starts laughing. "Ok with a example I will explain. How do tides happen on earth" Boy replied " it happens because of moon" Sadhu " I don't believe it is thousands mile away how it would be able to do such thing not possible" Boy with a question mark on his face watching sadhu. Sadhu with a smile " yes you are right it happens because of moon it is so close to earth that it's gravitational force pulls earth towards him which results into tides But now listen when we say moons gra

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