Are you in danger-zone?

By Shriti Malakar
Jul 06 2019 2 min read

What does being happy to you mean in literal terms? People around your comfortable with, friends you can count upon, relatives at your merry making??    NONE. I SAY!!!     Because Comfort is hazardous..    Have you seen any man excel with a easy lifestyle and no complains ? Coz' he seriously has none to counter.    This is just because with pleasure and ease does not come victory.   Have you noticed those say,  "Stay happy and satisfied with what you have and cherish it". Dont believe them.  They fail realizing the pothole they are creating for self.... Get them out of your life.   STAY UNHAPPY. STAY DISSATISFIED  because if you do so you are challenging yourself the potential growth you deserve and should strive to achieve. Remember these people in and around you are the ones who would shout at unhealthy living, moral degradation in society and stand up for no individual change, instead, Don't let the one speak volumes on what is Achievement and Excellence&

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