Are women really empowered

By Divya Goswami
Jul 03 2019 2 min read

Everytime a woman or a girl steps out of her house, she is warned : 'Be careful' , 'try not to stay out late' and so on. Our so called patriarchal society scares her with the spectre of the vicious stranger wandering in the dark aisles ready to attack. She is told to be responsible and to keep an eye on her surroundings for safety. But a less asked question is how safe women are within the confines of four walls of their own home?? This is the bitter truth of our current society that women are not safe anywhere not at home and not when they step out. "Men will be men" you must have heard this a million times. Sometimes this infamous dialogue is taken in a negative way and thus results in the worst consequences. If every boy is brought up to respect every woman we wouldn't have face these issues. Manyatimes the social stigma falls on the victim rather than the accused. Some insane crusaders try to support the accused and cunningly shifts the whole blame to the victim's clothing, profession and especially her character. Consequently when these things become centre of attention the real

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