Architects, And Presentations.

By Kushal Samant
Oct 09 2019 3 min read

Architects, And Presentations. Coming to think of it, presentations scare me. Architecture has given me the skill set to sell ice to the Eskimos at prices even Jobs would fear to mark up. But that’s just talk. When it comes to doing work to present your projects, and if you are an architect who wants to develop a product for yourself. Please put a deadline before you put the price tag. I find offhand inspiration at random moments during the year, when I can get more done in a week without having to push myself, while at other times, even an year long of work does not find the same level progress. The thing that I have caught myself doing is putting green tree marks on presentation sheets. Now I would certainly agree with you that you know ho to make those presentations look beautiful. Worth staring at! But have you ever found the amount of repetitive work that architects all over the world do creating the same styles of presentations. They rather be playing with an idea, then Photoshop their lives all along. Because sometimes focus gets lost. You waver away from developing a

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