Angel with an attitude part 2.

By SNOW Berry
May 14 2020 6 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:1916:"We were Currently Seated on A Chair across a circular Table opposite To Each Other.  She wore her Round glasses.  A started clicking on The Round Table where a Virtual screen appeared In The Center.  Now that's some Hi-tech. Doesn't she have a super power or something to improve her eyesight  and that specs. I thought and giggled.  When a Picture of mine popped on the screen with information.  As a profile Data.  "Well It's because Of Habit I use. Not that I need." I looked At her confused.  Tsk she can read My Mind. And she Nodded Looking At Me.  I smiled embarrassed. "Well Although The cliched Question For You I Guess. Yet I would Like To Ask Am I ?" "Yes You Are Dead dear. Your Soul Left Your Body and Travelled To Heaven." She Interrupted me Again.  "What The Actual Hell.........I mean Heaven!" "I mean Who would Have Thought Me Being In Heaven. Holy Hell I Mean....U Know. Heaven."  She smiled at me fondly. "You Are a Really Interest

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