An unforgettable day

By Porkodi Vasu
Aug 23 2019 1 min read

 Its wednesday and the time is 7:00 AM. The day is going as normal. I wakedup and gets ready for college. At that time I encountered some small tracks. But I not  think this day may be a turning point in my life.. And after that I get out from my home. I start my bike and my leg gets slipped. I not feel thats I am going to  face some problem today. My mom advice me to go carefully. Replied as Yes Mom, Bye. That's the last minute my mom saw me normally.  Now its 8:30 AM and waiting in front of my Friend home to pick him. He comes out and we are towards  the college normally. One red colour sophisticated car come towards me in high speed. I dont think that the person in the car  will change my Life. He loses his control because of high speed. I find he is coming towards me.I am not able to deviate my direction because the road is much bussy at that time. He hits me Straight. This the last min were I am in consious. After few hours I admitted in a private  hospital and my parents are in somber. My half of my Body are covered with Bedsheets. Now I

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