An Idea To Love

By Sanjivan Das
Dec 02 2019 7 min read

An Idea To Love She is your friend? She is your colleague? She travels with you? No matter what. You may fall in love with her. Then what??? You can’t tell her as if she rejects, then even the friendship you have now will be hampered. You cannot face her again. Things might turn awkward.    Well… it’s not that I am amazing at it or even that what I am going to tell you is a full proof action plan. It’s just that, I know a few things which might work. It worked for me and a few friends of mine and now I am married for 9 years and together for 11 and a half years with the girl I loved. So I can share it with you and if you think it will work for you, please try it. And if it works for you, thank me later. It is a lengthy process and may take weeks so you need to be patient and check if everything works well. If not you can choose your way and finally it’s about getting your loved one.   Few things to keep in mind (Please read this, it's very important) 1. Please don’t do this to just play around with someone or to just test

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