All Strangers Arnt Good

By Zeenat Biswas
Feb 15 2020 1 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:1082:"I was studying in class 11 by then. I got interested in the topic of BDSM and so I started following bdsm related  pages and so I also got many personal messages cause of that in my insta and then I started chatting with a guy soon cause he was also into it. He used to say that he loved be but soon enough it happened that he started asking for naked pics and started sexting which I used to not like and then there came a time when I got frustrated from him and I started ignoring him which made him find some other girl. But he never tried of thinking that I used to love him and that his perverted behaviour made me switch our contact. After a long time he again sent me a message asking to forgive him and I also accepted his apology but he went back to the same stuff again that made me say him the reason I ignored him and stopped talking to him. After listening that he just said one thing to me. U better be busy with urself I am done with u. So beware dont just do what ur partner want just cause he/she said that he/she loves u

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