By Bhanu Swetha
Nov 10 2019 1 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:422:"Do you think aliens are there...still alive in some planets??? according to my knowledge.... An astronomer who focuses on detecting exoplanets, said when alien life is found, a painstaking process where after study will have to confirm alien existence. Just a few weeks ago, Breakthrough Listen, an organisation which scans the stars in the hope of finding alien signals...... Anyway aliens are most dangerous to us.. previously they sent a message to us on new year....but scientists are still thinking to reply to them or some story ...we found UFO...(aliens vehicle) and they are very talented and brilliance than us... But if we really wish to be friendly with hopes for our lives..they will spoil our lives within seconds .... After listening the story of aliens ....what do you guys think that we have to meet and friendly with aliens....???if you want to know more aliens ....then please follow me guys ...thank u everyone ...

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