By Sumanth Naidu
Nov 01 2020 3 min read

ALIENS!!!!!    "It is cool and foggy out side buddy" said kiran "Yeah lets smoke a fucking cigeratte." Said Neil "I will get the bike keys" said sharma,ran in to home. To get the keys, started the bike. Kiran, Neil and Sharma. Are 3 classmates and idiots who had spent 3 years of their collage, wandering in Streets, teasing girlsand watching porn. They also began to take drugs, started  living in a  single room. theyknow a remote area away from the city where no body is around. Currently they are heading towards the remote location where they consume drugs. they call it  "Maddagudu" a code name. Kiran : bro what's there any trouble                  with the bike. Neil: nah.… Dude it's all just tahes some kiks               on its ass to start. Sharma; come on Neil! Makinke it quick.we must                       get to "maddagud

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