Alienation! The cry for equality

By Ritvik Tomar
Nov 07 2019 1 min read

Small unemployed boys, still crying for the food at the street of the road covered with trucks and luxury cars. The hungry children, who are still crying for the food, begging to everyone. But the crowed people, wearing the heavy clothes and shiny jewels, ignoring the small gifts of god. As they pass through the footpath in their heavy vehicles, they throw the half food on the road. They smiles comes from the slum children as they saw the wasted food coming from the large black car. The food, which is a waste for some kings and princes, are the meal for the whole day for the children, who still cannot wear the clothes to cover their full body.As they rush towards the food, lying on the road. They pick up the pieces of sandwiches and potato fries, covered in dirt. The smile covered their face as they feed each other, with their tiny hands and little fingers. The love, they cherished cannot be bought by any money or gold. It’s just pure heart searching happiness for having whatever they have. After watching all of these moments, a big smile comes on the face of a black girl. The 15 y

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