AI and Us

By Prajakta Kanbarkar
Nov 05 2019 2 min read

"Where do we come from and where are we going?" This question is the core idea of Dan Brown's "Origin". The book that revolves around the prediction of Edmond Kirsch that Artificial intelligence is the future of our planet. Although the book seems very positive about the whole aspect of AI and believes that it will "coexist "and keep assisting the human race and will be pretty much in control, I see a scope for further discussion .... "For how long?" As much as I am impressed by how optimistic we are about AI coexisting with and not taking over the human race,  I am curious to know more. Nature has always shown us that for evolution to continue and equilibrium to be attained some new species develop and  some species go extinct.  It seems to me that after a few decades of coexistence with Winston, Alexa, Siri and the like, we would find ourselves fighting for a place or rather will be on the brink of extinction. We dont have to feel bad or scared about it, its just the way it is.  The reason I strongly feel so is that h

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yupp we have discovered such technology & now we are by own have bound in themselves
It was really insightful for a book lover like me. Thanks for posting.
I enjoyed your writing. I think you should post more, instead of liking other people's posts.
I have not read this book, yet as i concern u have explained so beautifully this