Abandoned(Part 4)

By Snigdha Kumar
Jul 17 2019 5 min read

Story continued after 'Abandoned(Part 3)' We board the train at 4 p.m. and reach U.P the next day. As soon as we reach there, we go to the hospital to meet Sister Thomsina. She looks very much different now. She has lost so much weight and her face is full of wrinkles. When she looks at me, she smiles tenderly. She has trouble speaking and talks slowly.  “Hello dear, you look beautiful.” “Thank you sister. And I am sorry for not turning up all these years. Forgive me please.” “It’s alright dear.” Since it is difficult for her to speak, we do not talk much.  Preeti then tells me “ She wanted to meet you for a reason. We need a favour from you.” “What kind of favour?” “The number of kids in the orphanage has increased extensively during these years. A few children who were adopted from the orphanage give some amount as donation every month but it is not enough for the children. So, we are planning to increase the donations in every possible way. If you help us, we would be really greatful to you.

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