Abandoned(Part 3)

By Snigdha Kumar
Jul 16 2019 6 min read

Continued after Abandoned( Part 2)   The next morning we pack our bags because we have to leave for U.P at 4 p.m. Yesterday had been a wonderful day for me. I realised that I really needed a true friend like her at this point of time. As I pack my bags Preeti comes to me with a gift. “What is this?” I ask her. “My mother sent it for you.” “Really? Thank you so much.” I open the gift with excitement and find a beautiful dress inside. “This is beautiful.” I say happily. “But this is too short for you.”  “Yes. Maybe. But I’ll keep it. Aunty has sent it to me with love and it means a lot to me.” “She is a wonderful woman. I wish I could see my biological mother too. Mothers are the most precious gifts sent by God.” My face drops as I hear this statement and I think she notices it. “ Hey, what’s wrong?” She asks with concern. “Nothing. Not all mothers are wonderful. I loved my mother too until I received a letter from her.” “What kind of letter?”

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