Abandoned (Part 1)

By Snigdha Kumar
Jun 30 2019 8 min read

“My fingers tremble and my eyes get wet, Every time I am asked to write ‘late’ before your name, A part of me dies from inside.” Sitting in the cab I wonder whether I should be happy or tensed. I don’t know whether I took the correct step or risked my professional life. But as far as my instincts are concerned, it is good to take risks. I am finally in Bhopal. The air, the buildings, the shops, everything seems so much familiar. I missed this place a lot and I missed Papa too. I used to come here after every 2-3 months, but this time it’s been a year. And I blame Vernita, my team lead for this. She has actually fucked up the life of the whole team. I worked with her for 11 months and when I couldn’t stand her anymore, I resigned. “Ma’am, we’ve reached the destination.” says the cab driver. “Thank you, Bhaiya” I say, handing him over the money. I am very much excited about the gifts I bought for Papa. I bought him a blue coloured formal shirt along with two T-shirts and I am sure he would love these. 

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Takes courage to speak out your past.You have my condolences.