A quick and unforgettable ABU trip

By Tushar Soni
Aug 09 2019 2 min read

just completed my mount abu trip , it was a quick trip for 3 days , i was inactive for more than a month , its my vacation so i'm more in fun and travel rather than social or working , but now i'm done on traveling and now i'm gonna focus on my profile and make some useful and interesting posts !   so, it was a family trip , we enjoyed alot ...........i'm gonna share some of the picture of the way to mount abu , the road to mount abu is known as ABU ROAD and it is the most beautiful and interesting road!   so before abu road there is a JAIN TEMPLE known as PAWAPURI. It was like a small city or colony and it was so clean and well maintained , you can also stay there , they will provide you a room.  thats how the main temple of PAWAPURI looks like and it's amazingly architectured.     as i mentioned before that it is like a small city , therefore it takes time to explore it by walking , so they provide rides also, like cars , camel , horse , elephant  with there respective prices( they were resonable ) , we chose a car because t

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