A night in an abandoned house (story)

By Abhay Joshi
Sep 08 2020 1 min read

a:1:{i:0;s:1197:" A night in an abandoned house.  It's was a scary last night, I was late to reach at home, so I thought to stay nearby. I saw a big "haweli". I thought to stay this night in the "haweli". Inside the "haweli" it was very dark, my body was full of water, suddenly some bats came near me and went away. The door automatically closed. Fully dark house, suddenly from up a small light came, I asked "who is there ?" When it came near me, I saw she was in white Saree, I was scared ! She said to me that why did you came here ? I said I want to stay here tonight, may I stay here ? She said no! Go away from here ! She turned her face backside, but, but the stomach and leg were in front of me, facing towards me, I was really scared, now she turned her stomach but the leg were in front of me and she went away, then I came back from the "haweli", but the most scary thing was her legs were not touching to the ground. I was really scared. I made a lodge and stayed there with fear!  Now, I got that the house is aban

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