A Mind That Creates

By Kushal Samant
Oct 09 2019 9 min read

A Mind That Creates. Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it. — Richard Whately. This is a journal entry on routines, and behaviours that come from people who are successful in different walks of life. E.g. The 4am club. I am a stern believer that the miniscule things that we do everyday amount to a lot in our life. If you have read James Clerk’s thesis on the Pareto principle, you will find that to the 1% of the world who happen to be winning at life, winning doesn’t happen. Winning is created. Curiously carved, over a long period of time. Waking up at 4am is an easy thing to do. If you differ with me on this point then that’s because it is also easy not to. The early hours of a day can give you the energy to get more done without much stress. Time flies, and at 4am it surely does. Every moment you spend in not doing or following your life’s purpose is a moment spent in undoing it. Most of the successful people I have met, track time consciously. And they don’t do it by the hour. They do it by the minute. Some of

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