A man out of time

By Naveen Bhatt
Oct 05 2019 1 min read

Can a common man fight with so many demons like red skull, hydra, thanos..... Answer is yes because we saw a man out of time....  we call him captain america steve rogers....  Yes he is a lab experiment it is true what tony says about him..... He is more than a soldier, or a superhero... If tony is heart of avengers , then captain is soul of avengers.... As he says " the price of the freedom is high ​​and it's a price i'm willing to pay"... some says he became selfish at the end and lives his remaining life with his love.... I dont think he is wrong, he just following his best friend rule.... "we may not be perfect but the safest hands are our own" ..... How can someone hate him he never thinks that he will win or lose, if he knows something that he has to fight every situation "whatever it takes" ....... We will miss our captain who make our childhood awesome....  "I'm home"... ❤

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Yes captain is a good character