A letter to the acid-thrower

By Vishesh Bhambhani
Jun 06 2019 2 min read

Life is unfair at times, unreasonable beyond doubt and blinded by the vicious cycle of being a prey or a predator.They say there is a burning desire in everyone.You , burned EVERY DESIRE i ever had.Roasted my epidermal along with my confidence, my will to live.To be called beautiful.I will never ask , why ? Because the gruesome details of this act can never be justified.18 months ago What you may have named as a moment of fury, to silence your conscience at the least , was worse off than what they called it. Inhumane attack? Horrendous episode? Unfortunate event?There , my entire life summed in two words . literally.While narrating my story , It was not only that one single person who harmed me.You all , the so called society never really gave me a second chance,A chance to recover from my wounds , leave them in the open to dry and then bandage the scrapped self confidence.Instead you all left me to rot, In isolation.You chose to change your course with pitiful stares , Rather than comforting me those words.I felt attacked , yet again,He had burned me from outsideBut you we

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Good view from affected women's point