A Lesson For A Teacher

By Sanjivan Das
Nov 30 2019 6 min read

                Lesson For A Teacher A perfect hunter who never misses its catch… a feline friend was… is and will be one of the perfect predators. This is the story of a cat and a tiger. Cat’s have always have been known to be a predator who never misses. It is also known to be one of the smartest animals out there. Long before the time, the cat was the same or maybe even more ferocious. It used its exemplary skills to get a catch. However, there lived a tiger who was ferocious as well. The tiger did not have the right skills to hunt and kill. He always used to miss a kill and go hungry all day.  He started to eat the leftovers from, the cat’s meal which did not make any difference for his mighty and majestic royal body. He would hide and look at the cat to see how it hunts and makes a successful kill, but when he tries to hunt… he is not even close to getting the kill. After many days of struggle, the tiger learns that he cannot hunt without the help of the cat and he has to make the cat teach him the sk

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