The human extinction

By Sumanth Naidu
Jan 31 2021 3 min read

Introduction It is 3039. Man have made their journey to mars, accomplished  tasks that were thought ro be impossible in the 21th centuary. Best past of the 30th centuary is humans are alone in the planet earth. All species of animals and plants have become extinct during the third world war which broke out during 2056. Half of human population wiped off during the covid-20 pandemic. But during the begining of the 30th centuary, humans population grown vigorously. Estimated around 1.6 trillions. Atmospheric air is vanishing. People are looting other for food and water. Worlds leaders started to work on the project "hope" By which oxygen can be produced by atomic fussion of atmospheric hydrogen and carbon dioxide. Now  they believed they were not going become extinct. But the tragic thing is artificial oxygen has induced cancers in half of the population with is rapidly spreding. Humans beings are going to become extinct. Now they believed only time mission can prevent the extinction of humans. Place:Nasa lab. Time mission project started to save humans duri

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