By Nishi P
Sep 13 2020 1 min read

Year 2035 Indian defence minister to raw chief "Last 2 virus attack shehar me phelne se pehle hi khtam ho Gaye I was happy  Lekin last attack made me to think that I was wrong  It is not possible every time we get success Then I come to realize Major SHIV. He is not myth he is real So now would you explain it".  Chief remains silent.   Defence minister " As long as nation remains safe I don't care what you and your men are doing" "I called you because there is a situation in Europe and they want our team should join their agencies."   Indian squad and shiv reaches in Europe   But the situation was very much worse. It was a virus attack all living people were suffering from rare virus disease.It was man made.   Shiv finds out attackers but what he saw shocked him.   It was Dr vidhan who was part of research team in india. For the sake of national and world security his whole team was eliminated but some how he survived.   Vidhan and his team was Developing Immune vaccine which can act against vi

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