10 Unsolved mysteries

Feb 21 2021 3 min read

10 Unsolved MysteriesFriends, how much science and medicine has progressed so far, but our world is still full of many mysteries that are yet to be solved. We have brought 10 secrets for you by sorting some of them. Let's know about them:Unsolved Mysteries 1:In 2003, a 6-inch-long bizarre skeleton was found in the Atacama Desert of Chile. Many believe that this six-inch tall skeleton belongs to another planet, but investigators at Stanford University claim that the skeleton is another creature created thousands of years ago by molesting human dna.Unsolved Mystery 2:Everyone knows that humans have different blood groups but till date no one knows why this is so. Many scientists have tried to learn more about it and it remains a mystery till date.Unsolved Mystery 3:In 1915, in a city of Haicneng, dogs and other animals behaved strangely, which was very strange and incomprehensible. This movement of animals was very disturbing. The Chinese considered it a mysterious sign and then the entire "Haicheng" city was evacuated. Hours later, a powerful earthquake of 7.3 magnets struck the city,

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