Monetization Policy

The terms "We"/ "Us" / "Our"/"Company" separately and together refer to Typewrighter and the terms "Visitors"/"User"/"Writers"/"Readers” refer to the users. By visiting on Typewrighter website, you agree to accept the Monetization rules mentioned in this Monetization policy.

This Monetization Policy is a legally binding document between User and Typewrighter (as defined below). The terms as stated in this Monetization Policy will be effective upon your acceptance (by clicking on the “Sign Up/Register/Sign In” tab or by use of the website or by other means) and will govern the relationship between you and Typewrighter for your use of the website. Please read the terms clearly before uploading any content on the website for monetization on Typewrighter.

Monetization Revenues:

  • Readership Revenue:

    Typewrighter will pay you a monetary value per Cursor in local currency of the operational territory on Cash-outs made by readers and writers as determined by Typewrighter and subject to change for any reason as suited to determine the value of the Cursors, generated by "Cursors" recognized by Typewrighter due to the readership of your Content to be made eligible for in local currency as per the operational territory on reaching success milestones/thresholds (as determined by Typewrighter and subject to change variably) Cursors for participating/eligible content (as determined by Typewrighter.)

  • If you violate any of these policies, Typewrighter may take some or all of the following actions:

    • (a) Suspending your participation in the Typewrighter Monetization program.
    • (b) Suspending or terminating your account.

Payment Terms, Limitations and Taxes:

Typewrighter will pay you for any payment due within approximately 7 days, so long as your earned cursor basket has achieved minimum threshold/milestone when requested to Cash out. You shall not be entitled to earn or receive any cash out revenues associated with your Content in any of the following circumstances:

  • (a) If one or more third parties claim rights to certain elements of your Content violating/breaching copyright laws, plagiarism or copyright infringement;
  • (b)If monetization is disabled on your Content by either you or Typewrighter; or
  • (c) Account suspension or any technical/operational difficulties in any third party payment gateway/digital wallets.
  • (d) Demeaning, hateful, violent, extremely adult, drug and tobacco promoting content as determined by Typewrighter.