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Typewrighter is the new revolution in digital publishing. Whether it is your blog, short story, poetry or anything you wish to scribe, use Typewrighter freely to publish it for millions of readers worldwide. Typewrighter not only offers you an exceptional writing experience, but a vivid reading experience for readers and literature lovers.

Typewrighter is a free publishing platform with User-first approach. There are readers for all kinds of content and varied content for all kinds of readers. Typewrighter gives an equal opportunity to every user to start writing and publishing content on it. Every published posts that is reviewed and awarded Cursors as feedback collects those Cursors in the user's Cursor Basket. With every milestone reached, user can encash their Cursors. Thus, with Typewrighter, every reader becomes a paying viewer without actually having to pay anything.

Happy Writers. Happy Readers. Happy Us.

While we are there for every user along the way, we encourage every reader to start expressing through the art of writing. Typewrighter is your place where criticism and appreciation mean different but look alike at the end of the day. Beyond an unbeatable publishing experience, Typewrighter also offers you ‘a chance to value every feedback'.

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Cursor Basket

Cursor Basket is like your very own feedback wallet. All users on Typewrighter award feedback to the published content in form of Cursors beginning from 1 to 10. All these Cursors accumulate in the user's Cursor Basket. The user is free to convert his Cursors into cash based, on achieving Cursors Milestones.


Personalized Literary Circle

Build your own social circle and access each other’s favorite stories to connect with them.



Typewrighter fairly shows the most read and reviewed write-ups in the trending section. Not just writers, on Typewrighter, readers receive equal recognition in form of Trending Readers. For what it’s renowned, the Typewrighter offers something for everyone.


Different Genres

Typewrighter offers diversified content in different genres best suited for your potential readers in target to their reading habits.

Success Milestones

We at Typewrighter have taken the liberty to set your goals as “Success Milestones.” These Success Milestones, primarily in the form Cursor Basket benchmarks, allow the user to en-cash the Cursors once the basket achieves these milestones. Every published write-up is eligible for these milestones unless reported by a user otherwise.

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